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Talata, 25 Febroary 2020 Adventist World Radio in Malagasy Language


Alatsinainy, 24 Febroary 2020 Adventist World Radio in Malagasy Language


Alahady, 23 Febroary 2020 Adventist World Radio in Malagasy Language


Sabata, 22 Febroary 2020 Return to it; Judges ; Gifts, section ; Blessed Day of Rest; Unclean to clean


Zoma, 21 Febroary 2020 Where is your way Inseparable, part ; In secret; Forgiveness of all previous evils; From the turbulent sea to the Clouds of heaven, an additional adventure


Alakamisy, 20 Febroary 2020 Don't put your heart here; Food war; Don't jump; The wheat; THE MOST HOLY GOD (Dan. .,,,,)


Alarobia, 19 Febroary 2020 The sparrow does not suspect you at all; I did not look; Prophetic Prophecy (Jerusalem Temple); . Is love and sex the same? The coming of the Son of Man


Talata, 18 Febroary 2020 The foolish think that there is no God; Drugs; I am facing a natural tribunal; Learning of Wealth ; The courtroom of God


Alatsinainy, 17 Febroary 2020 Trust in the Lord; Mothers are the most beloved friends of the youngest; Be prepared from the ground; Urbanization III; The little horn


Alahady, 16 Febroary 2020 Jehovah is our refuge; Chocolate Chaud with Solid; A decree of love; The Test; Four animals


Sabata, 15 Febroary 2020 Bible Cost; Judges ; Divine Gift ; The codes; From the turbulent sea to the Clouds of heaven


Zoma, 14 Febroary 2020 When God commands, even Satan must obey; Guide to medical plants; Jesus brings people to Him; A selfassessment method; From the den of lions to the abode of angels, further study


Alakamisy, 13 Febroary 2020 Be thankful; insecticide, part ; The war is over; Maintenance of brain cells; KING GIVES GOD'S GLORY (Dan. .)


Alarobia, 12 Febroary 2020 Trust in the Lord that He will give you success; Who is powerful; Full Prophecy ; What are your achievements during the summer; In the pit of the lion


Talata, 11 Febroary 2020 Go home now; Fighting bad habits; I and baptism ; Learning Wealth ; Daniel's Prayer


Alatsinainy, 10 Febroary 2020 True Christians; Young people need listening skills; Focus your attention on prayer; Urban agriculture II; The plot to forgive Daniel


Alahady, 9 Febroary 2020 Don't worry that God can do everything; Eggs in confiture; Truth about salvation; Harilala Auto stop; jealous person


Sabata, 8 Febroary 2020 Do we have a place in heaven; Judges ; Gifts, part ; Playing according to the rules; From the pit of the lion to the place of the angels


Zoma, 7 Febroary 2020 A hidden treasure for you; Inseparable; Like Christ; I love it part ; A King Destroyed by Pride, Further Study


Alakamisy, 6 Febroary 2020 Make a good example first; creating animal magic; The fastest part ; A blood pressure rise THE LIFE OF BABYLON Dan. . –


Alarobia, 5 Febroary 2020 Sufficient for the day is its evil; To obey, to obey; Prophecy ; IST Contact a doctor; Weighed, and behold, less


Talata, 4 Febroary 2020 Your heritage; Can you get heart attacks; Me and baptism; Learning treasures; The Queen enters


Alatsinainy, 3 Febroary 2020 God is not mistaken, trusting in Him; Young parents are wellliked; Win with God; Urban agriculture; The uninvited guest


Alahady, 2 Febroary 2020 Thank you for everything; Legume chicken mix; Distress; Harvest Auto stop; The great invitation of Belshazzar


Sabata, 1 Febroary 2020


Zoma, 31 Janoary 2020


Alakamisy, 30 Janoary 2020


Alarobia, 29 Janoary 2020


Talata, 28 Janoary 2020


Alatsinainy, 27 Janoary 2020


Alahady, 26 Janoary 2020


Sabata, 25 Janoary 2020


Zoma, 24 Janoary 2020


Alakamisy, 23 Janoary 2020


Alarobia, 22 Janoary 2020


Talata, 21 Janoary 2020


Sabata, 18 Janoary 2020


Zoma, 17 Janoary 2020


Alakamisy, 16 Janoary 2020


Alarobia, 15 Janoary 2020


Talata, 14 Janoary 2020



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